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What to Consider When Hiring a Car Repair Service

When looking to hire a car repair service, it is wise to do your homework and research before hiring one. You don’t want to be stuck with a car/service that isn’t right for you. There are many things to look for when researching car repair shops. I will list a few below:

Make an appointment to visit the car care location. See if this location performs a regular service or specializes in a certain vehicle. Enter the car & service you’d like serviced into their online system. If they don’t offer this service, it’s a good sign to keep looking. A reputable auto car repair service should have an online presence.

Does the company offer routine maintenance services? Look for an auto repair service that offers inspections and basic maintenance on your car. If the location does not offer maintenance checkups or is only offering the basics (oil change, transmission fluid, brakes, etc), keep looking. If a company only offers basic maintenance items, don’t use them – you should instead get those services from a company that offers them regularly.

Is the location open to walk-ins? Some locations don’t allow customers to schedule an appointment without first making an appointment. If this is the case, don’t take your car elsewhere. Many car repair locations only make their initial appointments for brake repair during business hours. Therefore, if you cannot make an appointment without letting them know, keep looking.

Did you call and get a voicemail number? When you called to make your repair request, did you hear a live person answer the phone or was it an automated message? If you want to ensure that your next repair service visit is taken care of properly, do yourself a favor and call in an alternative option. For example, if the location says that they can only accommodate walk-ins, ask if they can accommodate you with a call-in visit.

Did the location follow up with you to see if you needed to come back for more information? If a car repair service doesn’t return your call within 24 hours, don’t take your vehicle elsewhere until you can arrange for an appointment. If you requested an oil change and were told that the shop only handles oil changes, request another service after the scheduled time as this may not be an accurate assessment. Finally, if you were given the wrong type of fluid to replace, don’t let your frustration grow too out of control – call the customer service department for proper instructions.

Once you’ve had your first appointment with the auto systems experts, request appointment after the second. If you don’t feel comfortable with the person who answers the phone at first, move on to a different location. Feel free to ask questions if you aren’t sure how the repair is progressing. Remember, you are the one paying for the services so be careful about “spinning” or “manipulating” the situation to fit your needs. After all, you need the car to be fixed correctly to prevent further damage.

When it comes to your brakes, your car’s tires and other auto systems experts can only make recommendations. They cannot force you to purchase expensive accessories or work on costly parts. Be responsible enough to take care of basic maintenance. If you have questions about your vehicle, contact the auto care professionals to schedule maintenance visits.

When it comes to engine and transmission problems, be patient. Your vehicle may only need a single oil change instead of a battery replacement or other repairs. Don’t forget that you have the option of choosing to have the car repaired at a local shop or send it to a specialized auto shop. Many people feel that their local mechanics are knowledgeable and can easily fix their car repair issues.

A car repair service specialist will assess the problem based on the details that you give them. They will then recommend fixing the issue, making recommendations and/or telling you what you can do to prevent future occurrences. Keep in mind that all car repair service providers are not the same. Some may charge a higher fee because they offer specialized services. Others will offer you cheaper rates because of the volume of car repairs they perform.

Be aware that many car repair service companies do not provide the same level of service. Ask for referrals and recommendations from friends and family. Read the client reviews carefully and contact the ones who seem to be satisfied with their services. Ask if there are any complaints against them. If so, make sure you work with a company with a good reputation and review their customer testimonials before hiring them.

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