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The most common operating issues that will require additional testing and automotive diagnostics include:

  • Failed transmissions
  • Direction control
  • Engine performance
  • Illuminated dashboard lighting

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How can automotive diagnostic services diagnose the vehicle’s problem?

We have the experience, tools, and technology to determine what is wrong with your vehicle, whether it’s a Check Engine Light or an ABS Warning.

Although the details of our vehicle diagnostic service vary from situation to situation, it usually follows a path like this:

1. Collect information

We use an analysis tool to communicate with the car’s on-board computer to collect a certain amount of information:

– Freeze image data

– Computer codes

– Software version numbers

– Status information and sensor data

Please note that just getting the codes does not provide us with enough information to notify you of the problem; this is how we begin the process of elimination.

2. Verification

Next, we will check if the system specifications are met, which may include an analysis:

  • Fuel system
  • Emissions system
  • Firing system
  • Engine vacuum
  • Engine timing

If any of these basic systems fail, the Check Engine Light may appear, mistakenly blaming a component as the cause. We do check to avoid unnecessary replacement of parts and save you money.

3. Precision testing

All manufacturers require precise testing to gather the most accurate finding during our vehicle diagnostic service. To do this, we perform the following steps:

  • Visually inspect potential suspects.
  • Bidirectional control tests
  • Mechanical and electrical tests
  • Test the wiring diagrams

4. Examine technical service bulletins

This information can give us an idea of the issue due to a reason, which means that it would be a known issue with your specific make and model of vehicle.

However, although we still need to continue testing, other systems must have passed their tests to complete this step.

5. Repair the car

Depending on the problem, we can take various actions as a result of our automotive diagnostic services:

  • Replace defective parts
  • Repair or replace the wiring
  • Perform manufacturer updates
  • Clean the components

6. Verification of the repair

Once the repairs are complete, we will retest all parts to ensure the correct results are returned.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today for a fast, reliable, and efficient automotive diagnostic test for your vehicle! We’re located here in West Palm Beach, Florida!

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